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Mass Defiance Coaching:

Wind Tunnel:

Tunnel coaching is available one on one or for a group/team. One or more members of Mass Defiance can be on hand to help improve your skills. Tunnel coaching starts with a thorough preparation prior to entering the chamber. During preparation we will discuss what skills will be worked on and what drills will be done "on the column". While in the chamber and on the column, members of Mass Defiance will work with you to improve how you fly. Afterwards, we'll debrief to discuss where further improvements can be made and what to work on next.

Cost: * * Cost is based on the time spent in the tunnel chamber, not flight time (preparation and debrief included).

Individual / One-on-One:

You can work individually with a Mass Defiance team member doing individual jumps to improve your center point turns, sub-terminal work, grip taking skills, fall rate adjustment, vertical moves (burble hopping), or any other skills you want to improve. Whether you have just received your "A" license or are a seasoned skydiver on a team, we can help you take your flying skills to the next level. All jumps include a preparation and debrief.



If you already have a 4-way team, you can work with a Mass Defiance team member to improve your team speed, exits, block work, and random work. We'll work with you to develop solid communication and help you prepare, creep, mock up, and debrief each skydive. Throughout the day, we'll keep you on track by assisting with the little things like manifesting, keeping track of the calls, working with the packers if you use them, and getting your videos dubbed down. Additionally we can take time at the end of the day to prep all the exits in the mock up or walk through/creep blocks that we don't get to or are problematic for your team.

Cost: $350/day/coach - (video flyer available for additional slot plus $10/jump)

Group Camps:

Our group camps can be run for nine people. Jumpers will do 4-way skydives with a Mass Defiance coach and two other participants. We will make six 4-way jumps over the course of the day that will incorporate random work and blocks as well as challenging exits. The day will begin with a group stretch early in the morning and each jump will entail thorough groundwork and debrief. We will finish with a multi-point 12-way and brief seminars on "building a team" and "improving body position". Video services are provided and each participant will receive a DVD with everyone's skydives from the day. Participants will be placed with other jumpers of comparable skill and all participants should have a minimum of 100 RW jumps.

Cost: $325 (includes all seven jumps, video & coaching on each jump, and a DVD of all your skydives)

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